very handy tutorial to use 0day logins for members area for brokeamateurs

 password http://passwords.club/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/wpid-brokeamateurs.com-DaimWXYXjMqwMipfSVttTTGU.jpg

new user/passwords for members.brokeamateurs.com

Username/Password -> XsybOScsTkFQ:hDNqpeNcmche this premium account was purchased with bitcoin, so it will not be longer valid then a month
Username/Password -> urxGwSyUkXhd:AbyRBLCkWyoq
Username/Password -> XUypsLpqRIoL:HEOqJyBmFAgg
Username/Password -> XvsKTLuMXTre:XPfkziDpRKEq ## password locked out

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