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Username/Password -> jwXLZpepakmY:nZzTUJrgjhNT
Username/Password -> KKvZLZvzxzSx:iRAQGduVfkQU while testing it with addblocker off all worked fine but as i putted on my addblocker i had problems. so i suggest leave the addblocker off
Username/Password -> LTfmBJqRqFuC:jJtUDHnZXLgh this paysite is very in demand and you should only use this if you admire the kind of content they provide. please leave the passwords for other people if you are only trying those out of curiosity. the more people access it the easier it gets banned
Username/Password -> EboGImxyTEKP:OUenuoQGfhPy i have noticed that you will be banned quick if you try to download but streaming on this paysite works great for unlimited time

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