new user/passwords for

Username/Pass -> PXbIUoInOlXw:xQKSvaDwlusT pass has been tested by anthony from jk

Username/Pass -> sALNxldksMDj:ZFNwNVwwVpzw pass is overused

Username/Pass -> KJWSyPWWXHmn:ByxUgBFRrpvJ

Username/Pass -> cZUjtFXlEnIv:KBuEllGpSKMY 2 reported traffic limits with this pass

Username/Pass -> EShMfBRStCuD:BycynNMbiKbP 3 surfers complaining about low bandwith

Username/Pass -> aqFcDpsZjfUa:nJOyLmdhGLDE tested by 73 users

Username/Pass -> CbjHWkUFYtrl:xzRjcwKMxOTF

Username/Pass -> qDwapTOjyIkC:mvIQiREDWCSG

Username/Pass -> iWdLrJhsOfcA:MWTtCrZlMugD

Username/Pass -> VkMqrqDPJrxA:enoWQsxAQMqq 9 reported this instantly working

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