new user/passwords for

Username/Password -> JtCgGkmlDNIJ:nGyPxklOkBAK
Username/Password -> dIvIqXAtflAR:IsLbdkyiPPwA ## password limited
Username/Password -> lIlkPxqyCKBx:jqKUcuqgTyLe
Username/Password -> RhBERWRgTUgA:qBKyPkwIcuFf
Username/Password -> nqdngoOmaZRC:uSMSoCvTLsgD ## 1 month pass
Username/Password -> qsehgmjWRQun:OpkBItzraBae ## some guys denounced this as a fake password, but it wont harm to try it , sometimes they work somtimes not

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