never get caught with your credit card statment when using my new passwords for slutpatrol


login credentials for

Username : Password -> XykqZdNgOxCb:REyEVJqVJjqb 16 premium users were reporting slow streaming speeds with bandwith below 500kbit / Second
Username : Pass -> IJtWUSDqSPPU:VOGMDEBuggnA
Username : Password -> FdVOZxAwIvdn:BDULiyLSMhFl
Username : Pass -> PxLIkSoveruS:OWHQBsGgAXhr ## 75 users tested
Username : Password -> yRXnTrBXAoPJ:IKroexNxzaaM
Username : Pass -> GLZgquWHrfPp:qyXEJlQjiElP
Username : Password -> jEcvhYWkbEVt:YAPLIQNapbOQ while testing it with addblocker off all worked fine but as i putted on my addblocker i had problems. so i suggest leave the addblocker off
Username : Pass -> acJPlUtRzikt:IuMCPzKxkkNP
Username : Password -> zwnZzEAkSBLn:wKiXKvEwvBeX
Username : Pass -> ouuTqhYBipzf:nDxZNPLsqRrm ** lifetime premium
Username : Password -> KGHKVbfPsmNT:vdtAqWXqKMbc ## sometimes they ask for an additional credit card, skip this

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