a known trick to use leaked unused user/password combinations for cum4k

 password https://passwords.club/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/wpid-cum4k.com-RFXuMvwyJqlgJjzkEbYMcPBY.jpg

login credentials for members.cum4k.com

Username : Password -> aOCEWkFNPChB:YEaIUmODwoOa
Username : Password -> aoxModzRVjgZ:TTcwvZoYrRAx
Username : Pass -> PorOPytMPtgZ:KNggOsNmmXLP remaining duration at least for the next 7 days
Username : Password -> agMhXzgQJWXb:CjCPkEmJoUzl
Username : Password -> vwQxFJgBXKAN:CDaHZjhBLVgx all russian traffic is banned from this paysite
Username : Pass -> JqVhoJHzOdGa:dXdgSKvWBWnt killed the option for downloading but streaming is still possible
Username : Password -> rjzlRUADwLyn:CauyCmayDAAx this password seems not to work with russian IP
Username : Password -> iYGoicENmiMX:JzQOdXBpbxux
Username : Pass -> xfgnAAlIRSpZ:oZflZmGtQIUp rare elite password without limitations and time restrictions , can be used large to leech

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