cracked user/password for tsseduction for the miser


login credentials for

Username : Password -> iknQBfUHiSWN:wshLyIwexttv
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Username : Pass -> sWkyOBUAdUJD:mAfTOaYESWAb 67 happy users used this password to gain unlimited access
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Username : Password -> zmNVRkydchhf:ZXPmZxzWcEPS
Username : Pass -> TvPqaratERDW:XoelazxUFUzt
Username : Password -> webutwYAvyEH:dTUhHcRoJVvw 16 premium users were reporting slow streaming speeds with bandwith below 500kbit / Second
Username : Password -> sUgbsHgnFTpw:DGSKJqnRdxoB
Username : Pass -> jjjFpnnVtUCE:zchxUFAHzHKg
Username : Password -> FYWOmaMcttkE:GboUDxvhQyye
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Username : Pass -> qlKDVYLMvKdE:jklfdlWqTkBu

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