it is forbidden but i post it anyway 0day premium password for handjobjapan


login credentials for

Username : Password -> RtFAjgnnzLJT:ktqnUzVhrHyv
Username : Password -> micqhNYoOkzY:klXTMAAGMoaE ## i cannot guarantee this will work longer then 24 hours
Username : Pass -> SFEfkfkBhQyV:LwogJrDnJbtz
Username : Password -> XQeaTJigzYJx:fSZsQcxtXtCO
Username : Password -> wXyrGbKbxbTs:HBALmEQlNCvd
Username : Pass -> lmlsOficBZJb:suSSbmmfCDCS while testing it with addblocker off all worked fine but as i putted on my addblocker i had problems. so i suggest leave the addblocker off
Username : Password -> aGnLzPRKXGAd:MAZmXKBaTQHX
Username : Password -> YtSLYwYDnkSF:vbOohlrTjcaI ## limited acces to premium area only
Username : Pass -> IvbrNluYoFSK:sGfPNiqfAxCM ## premium dead

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