new paysite user/member passwords for only-secretaries


login credentials for

Username : Password -> pXrzvTzsLcnT:qDmWRekXWyVp
Username : Password -> ayRsOZslBQeF:eCibHAeDCIxx while from my end everything seems to be fine some users were complaining a low access
Username : Pass -> UtoFFaXfpUbB:OedQvzwAwetQ
Username : Password -> bsoktjDHOjIM:oXHqyvvCmQcI
Username : Password -> EAusqLOCAGXc:NkHvpTjwOqDI # limited 1 day pass
Username : Pass -> lNqluzhhHmlH:LvXmVogFVlfe ## limited acces to premium area only
Username : Password -> OzUoTUguvibd:RxTEDNfwpbqf
Username : Password -> udaiDUxxOESk:MToEqhiUVoqk
Username : Pass -> eRZFFWKwcASq:tjIjhWIPHKGD i have noticed that you will be banned quick if you try to download but streaming on this paysite works great for unlimited time
Username : Password -> UjSjMLPRDNre:QucqqrMGxicD

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