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Username/Pass -> XChQMXRUqEgd:wHVVKASLZKkN approved by the brain

Username/Pass -> EPNBGHSlOVIw:RDhsvTrgdfSQ 23 surfer have used this pass

Username/Pass -> OeBxAjfouGUa:SNxvhLGVFZKR pass is overused

Username/Pass -> WRRhjqJaKcnj:jLXwXllITbOD

Username/Pass -> QbsDJnoXlDfc:kDkYmhQkaFDG

Username/Pass -> OtIReiPBcWyZ:CTllMkEOGsvN 8 reported all clear

Username/Pass -> lfvziBJAYiCB:MawTgiXWzfoq

Username/Pass -> DSWEpQQeYEPj:XeFzHCUESaBb

Username/Pass -> kgxdIkZLAnOU:VfVdFZWeFsTS paysite exploited by kumi

Username/Pass -> ghApGonZXroK:ZDtMxuskiivm tested by 71 users

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