new user/passwords for

Username/Pass -> aTdkTFtPeFin:ApyAfxoLKnCu pass is overused

Username/Pass -> sZMzxCUbEoEX:luCyddTORfJD password is expired

Username/Pass -> aNUmwbmpLWDJ:KWBYNkLoRtrb pass is overused

Username/Pass -> sKrlCmeEIRdL:pDzkfWeompDg pass is out of limit

Username/Pass -> zTDMZLJfKprE:nqorAfGqrhRq

Username/Pass -> NUomOSZNEITo:XlTkBhCcmjtE

Username/Pass -> ONByAAIhdKZU:IlVAnaybhoAD cracked by monsterschlong

Username/Pass -> oDmnFYWqUyOJ:RRanxtaFmeyU

Username/Pass -> hTeJocJxKAyt:FWvKaLUDVeKs

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